Monday, July 22, 2013

Pintrest Inspired Plastic Drawer Redo!!

So I am finally getting around to actually doing some of the many projects I have pinned on my Pintrest boards. Today I took a stab at redoing this plastic drawer dresser I got from Goodwill the other day for about $4.00. I washed it clean and used ducktape to get this nice look for my kids homeschool room. Here is the pin that inspired me right here:  So let me go head and show the results.
So this is what I started with
My daughter(9yr old) and I pulled out the drawers and washed them in the sink and I sprayed the frame down and wiped it cleaned. 

I started with the top but I had to go over it in some spots once I added the pattern tape. 

Here is the finished top. 

Front View

Side view A

Side View B

I have some other redos coming up as well from that same thrift store haul. I will share as I complete my projects. All I want to say is Pintrest is the greatest. 

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  1. turned out great, yeaah sometimes i feel very unmotivated without a pop of color lol