Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Free Fun at Loews Kids Clinic!

With such a large brood and growing I am always looking for low cost or free entertainment and activities for the kids. This weekend we tried out our local Loews for their Kids Clinic.This weeks theme was Toy Story. So they got to build a model of the car RC from Toy Story. They loved it although I ended up totally building the project for my 2yr old son. He hammered a little at the start and that was it for him. He spent the rest of the time picking up dropped nails and wood pieces from under the table. My hubby rotated between the other 3 kids helping them out when needed as well. My 4yr old girl did pretty good. I was very impressed by her skills. My oldest(9yr old) figured it all out on her own. What a big girl she is becoming. My oldest son(6yr old) did a good job to. He required minimal help as well. 

To sign up for the clinic all you need to do is go to the website and select the one you are interested in. You enter your kids names and print out the safety waiver. Then you just show up on your day prepared for about 30-45mins worth of woodworking. They were suppose to receive an apron and a pair of safety goggles but this particular location was out and promised to have them in next time. The children did receive a participation certificate and an iron on badge that said Toy Story RC to put on their aprons once they receive them. So that was a nice added bonus as well. We have attended the Clinics at Home Depot in the past. They have theirs on the first Saturday of he Month so sometimes we miss it. But Loews Clinics are more frequent so their are more opportunities for me and the kids to attend. All in all it was good for a free activity. 


  1. love love this program so much, i am sad we will be missing next weeks but happy because we will finally be going on a family vacation in forever. lol but i did sign up for the one after! planes yay. the little one is too cute with that hammer. Did you know they get a free apron and goggles? my three love getting suited up for this haha

    1. Yeah, I mentioned how this location didnt have the goggles and aprons this time. So my kids missed out but they had fun regardless. Next time I hope they have them in. If not I will complain.