Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Fall Winter Wardrobe Shopping Game Plan!

So for years now I have been wanting to streamline my families every growing but not so functional wardrobe situation. This year I am going into the season with a well thought out game plan. I started by purging all of the clothes I was keeping that realistically would not get any further use and I assessed what we really need for each person in the house for this upcoming Fall/ Winter season. I say Fall/ Winter cause in Georgia we really dont have much differentiation between seasons as those of us up North do. Well I created this checklist to help me stay on track and only get exactly what is need for each member of the family. I included a space for sizes and the quantity that is needed for each clothing item. I plan on thrifting for most everything except under clothes. Those I am going to by new and hopefully on sale. The pajamas I am going to go out on a limb and make an attempt to sew my own. But if not we will go for a good solid thrift pair for those as well. I thought I would share my checklist for anyone who might find it helpful for them as well. Just one note on a word choice in the outerwear section and that is I use the term "gym shoes" cause I from Chicago. Depending on where you are from you might call them tennis shoes, running shoes, canvas shoes, sneakers, or athletic shoes. Just an FYI.


  1. Don't stress about making pajamas. They are very simple for kids and even for adults. You can start by pretending you are doing those colorform cut out clothes. You can then sew along the edges. Just make sure you make enough room for seam allowances (edges) to sew. That is an error most people make when sewing clothes not making enough room in the beginning for the edges. If you do so you have room to alter and fit to size. You can have at least 2 pajamas made for your kids in an hour. I have to do the same thing for my kids so HAPPY SEWING. :)

  2. I might join you in making pajamas. When I will have time for that I don't know but buying pajamas is so expensive and its one item that my boys go through so quickly. Keep us posted on your progress.